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Who: Kit, Lockheed, the kids, Isobel, Logan
When: The day after Logan comes 'home'.
What: A day in the life of a teenaged girl who realizes she's almost twenty. And Isobel comes home.

Best be savored in this cruel world. )
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Who: Kit and Lockheed
When: Some year after Logan was freed from SHIELD.
What: Even little guardian dragons and messed up responsibility addicts get lonely sometimes.

And the world always turns. )
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In some realities things are different. Things are wrong. People and events are not as they should be to an outside perspective. The Watcher of 489 weeps as often as he closes his eyes. It is a dark world, full of dark things and twisted paths, but the heroes shine all the brighter for it.

There are marked differences between the standard Marvel realities and 489.

The Avengers: Never formed.

Captain America: A true hero of WWII, his last mission landed him in a cryogenic sleep. He was found in 1983 by the burgeoning SHIELD program led by Nick Fury. Captain America was thawed out by the government and asked to be a poster boy hero for the United States. After a few distasteful missions he faked his death with the help of Nick Fury and has been an underground agent for good since.

Iron Man: Tony Stark was never a hero. He made his money in weaponry and has continued to build a fortune on the blood of others. Even when he was captured, tortured, and designed his Iron Man suit he did not turn over a new leaf. Currently he is one of two White Knights in the Hellfire club.

Thor: Asgard lost interest in Midgard years and years ago. If Thor is on earth, it is in punishment, and there are rumors that a lightning wielding man is in New Mexico, nominative sheriff of a small town called Angel Fire. He is not friendly with strangers and does not allow outsiders to cause trouble in his town. A few people in town, his girlfriend especially, call him Thor.

Ant Man: Dr. Henry Pym was never a hero. He is still, first and foremost, a research scientist who specializes in microbiology and micro engineering. His size altering abilities (resulting from a lab accident) are used only in the lab, under the supervision of his lab partners, and after filling out paperwork.

The Wasp: The heiress Janet van Dyne's father was killed by a being from an alternate universe, but the scientist, Dr. Pym, did not give the woman the means to transform to avenge his death. Instead a thief was paid to secure Pym Particles and the woman did her best to replicate conditions to bind the particles to herself. She was partially successful, she can increase and decrease in size, but it did something a little funny to her brain. She works as a team leader in SHIELD now.

Dr. Banner/Hulk: There is an urban legend that the military attempted to make super soldiers once, and a monster was created. A giant, unstoppable, green monster of rage and pain. It is a story for late night dorm sessions though, and giggling sleep overs. It isn't real. After all, how could a giant green monster hide in today's world? Dr. Banner is hunted though, sought, carefully, by the very high military ranks and the subtler members of SHIELD. They know the truth behind rumor, and the Hulk is too dangerous a foe to leave unleashed. There are rumors in Tibet, in temples. There are rumors in Cairo, in hospitals. Rumors, always rumors, and never an emerald monster to be found. (Relevant links: Recovered records)

SHIELD SHIELD was created as a semi-autonomous super human policing force and emergency response unit. A form of technological answer to problems generally requiring a hero team. It was formed, slowly, by Nick Fury and the remains of the Howling Commandos as well as people hand picked by the leader. Somewhere over the years and through politics and government oversight, Shield evolved into a nightmare. It is now an incredibly powerful force licensed to track down super powered individuals and hold them if it 'proves necessary'. They are based out of helicarriers with more than a hundred teams to their name.

They trace, and record, mutants, aliens, laboratory accidents, time anomalies, you name it. If it could result in powers, SHIELD is interested. The stronger, more dangerous individuals are 'recruited', taken in and brainwashed if they are uncooperative. Powerful types are often never heard from again, as SHIELD uses them as alternate forms of energy in their helicarriers.

Victor Creed: Once leader of team Omega, he is now listed as 'Escaped: re-apprehend'. His wife, Misery, was one of the main recruitment and brainwashing technicians, and he himself was a little brainwashed for a while. He is somewhere in Canada now, having gotten Mis into therapy. He is waiting to make the judgment as to whether she will get any better or needs to be put down.
Graydon Creed: Graydon is Victor's eldest child. In every way he appears normal, which is how his mutation manifested. He does not register as a mutant. Not in blood tests, not to sniffers, not telepathically. And mutants in his general area do not either. He is a null zone. He lives well, is running for senate, and is counseling a reduction in SHIELD's powers and greater acceptance of powered individuals before the hunting brings about war. This, naturally, does not make him very popular and he has a very good personal security team.
Clarice Creed: Clarice is the child of Victor and Misery, she lives with her half brother Graydon. Her mutant power is very obvious, she is pink a fact that is hidden by long sleeved clothing and careful makeup. She is hidden from sniffers by being near her brother, and her teleportation is the means by which they go visit their father during down time.

Nick Fury: Nick Fury, founder of SHIELD, is NOT HAPPY with how it has turned out. In the late eighties they attempted to forcibly retire him and that was when he started establishing a base. Yes, a base elsewhere, full of technology that he took from SHIELD just in case things went as bad as he believed they were headed. This means his team now is as well equipped as SHIELD itself (they're getting more every day as people slip away from SHIELD) and they work against the monster SHIELD has become. This means guerrilla tactics, ambushes, and often saving/recovering people SHIELD has targeted. (Relevant Links: 489 Fury)
Victor von Doom: Victor von Doom is a king and gentleman who had an unfortunate run in with Reed Richards when he was young and schooling in America. The resulting 'accident' left Victor with a badly scarred face and enough physical injuries that he is wheelchair bound with heavy use of machinery or magics to be more mobile. Bitter over his injuries he swore off every returning to America and instead took the country of Latveria away from the man who had killed his father and was ruining the country. Years later, when Nick Fury approached him with an offer to join the anti-SHIELD team as a necessary scientist, he agreed whole heartedly, as working against SHIELD would also, possibly, work against Reed Richards in time. He now splits his time between Nick Fury's base of operations and his kingdom of Latveria.

Forge Underground: Forge Underground is a group of loosely associated geniuses that are, naturally, underground. They are under the radar. hiding from SHIELD and helping to establish ways for others to hide. The provide safe havens for those on the run, pass out tech, and generally do their best.

Forge: Forge is a brilliant man whose mutation expressed as mechanical empathy, machine magics, and even more intelligence than he would naturally have. He ended up locked in a time bubble in the late sixties, freed when it was discovered Nightcrawler's teleportation bisected the time bubble, and has been horrified by the changes since. He now works tirelessly to help people hide and spends as much time talking to machines as people.

The Fantastic Four: This vaunted mainstay of the Marvel Universe never formed. A group of four did travel into space, they were friends and comrades and they were irradiated when the storm hit...and then everything changed.

Reed Richards: Some people were never meant to have power and Reed Richards is top of that list. He'd removed rivals through college, sabotaged experiments to harm others, and personally enjoyed causing harm. Why did he take his friends into space? Why, to see what happened of course. He didn't intend to be caught in the radiation, but he didn't mind emerging more powerful than he was. The falling out with his friends was twisted and ugly, first he disgraced Johnny and when Ben went to retrieve his friend he started work on Sue. Mental and emotional abuse was a game, and luckily he didn't win with Sue, mainly due to a timely rescue by a watery prince. Now Reed stands as the White King of the Hellfire club and his hobbies include playing games with his queen Emma Frost and trying to destroy the kingdom of Atlantis.

Sue Storm: Sue was a young, bright eyed girl smart enough to get into college early with expectant parents who were proud of her. She was quite the prize in the dating pool and the two main contenders for her affections were both geniuses. Reed and Victor were quite taken with her, or rather Victor adored her and Reed adored taking what Victor wanted for his own. After Victor's accident and return home Sue was a hollow prize but one Reed was unwilling to give up. He let her go when her parents died, leaving her and her brother alone, but when she returned to college with attendant sibling she was less content with Reed's version of dating. They were an on again off again couple until their fateful trip into space, after which Sue grew very close to Reed, a man who could love her despite her being invisible at times. She did a lot to prove her love, even going so far as to use her new abilities in a number of thefts, one of which brought her into conflict with a young man named Namor. After several months of this, on the eve of Reed's proposal to Sue, Namor tracked her down to reclaim his property and left with his machinery AND the young invisible woman. Now she reigns as Queen of Atlantis, is mother of two, and only comes up to land when diplomacy demands it.

Johnny Storm: Johnny more than others had an extreme life shift when he ended up with powers. Seemingly overnight he went from a carefree playboy without a real concern for his future to a man who could destroy everything he touched if he wasn't careful. If he was distracted, hurt, excited, tired, unaware...any number of things caused him to be aflame. His girlfriends dumped him after the first accidents, he was evicted from his expensive townhouse due to damages, and eventually found himself couch surfing with Ben and Sue. Reed attempted to 'help' him gain control of his powers but this resulted in a near permanent flame state; now he cannot appear normal for more than a few hours at a time without outside aid. A year after their trip to space a young woman was killed in front of Johnny and he was framed for the murder. Like a foolish young man he ran to Europe. After Ben tracked him down and they got his name cleared he continued traveling, a drifting good Samaritan who didn't stay in place long enough to cause damages. He serves as a wandering diplomatic envoy to Atlantis now as well.

Ben Grimm: Ben Grimm was always an interesting case. In college he was a structural engineer, he feel into a natural friendship with Victor while helping to build many of the machines the genius planned out. When Victor fell for Sue, Ben was the rock that listened to the late night rambles and the bleary heartbreak of Reed's competition. He was the one who found von Doom after the 'accident' that crippled him and got him to the hospital...and more he was the one who stayed behind to 'look after Sue' when his friend left. The looking after part was easier said than done. It was hard to slide into a friendship with the bastard who had harmed Victor, but Ben managed to convince all and sundry that he was just a gear head who made a great designated driver. Convinced them that he didn't care who the people giving him plans to build were so long as he could build. Reed took delight in stealing Victor's machinist away and for several long years Ben played the quiet idiot, intervening when he could. When Johnny was framed he gathered evidence to the boy's innocence and gave Sue a hug before going to find her errant brother. He thought he wouldn't be gone long enough for Reed to do too much damage to the girl. He was nearly wrong, Johnny was a bastard who skipped along from place to place. It took months to pin the boy down, much less get him back to the states for a trail. When they got back Sue was gone and Reed was in a cold rage, a fact that made Ben smile honestly. He held up the facade of friendship for a few more months, enough time to sabotage most of the stronger machines Reed designed, then slipped away in the night to go visit Sue. Now he travels with his girlfriend Penny throughout Europe, visits his godchildren under the sea every few months, and generally works to balance out whatever evil reed comes up with.

Atlantis: The great kingdom under the sea serves as a sanctuary and neutral zone for many. Namor is the undisputed king and he runs his kingdom firmly. Due to his wife's surface ties they have a few embassies upon the shore and often offer asylum to those who need it. Justice is swift and unilateral in this kingdom, violating laws has harsh penalties and harming others is often a death sentence. Trials are held when necessary with both ruling members present and all, accused and defendant alike, subject to mind probe. Mind probe is also necessary for every aspiring citizen who wishes to live in Atlantis.

Namor: As the mutant, half-human Atlantean Namor's rise to the throne was not an easy one. His mother was captured while spying on boatmen poaching in Atlantean waters and when she was freed she was with child. Born the only light skinned person among blue shades he was singled out as different, though his mother's guard Kamit (assigned to the princess after her failed spying) took pity on him and espoused the idea that if the boy excelled no one could ever deny him. Namor's mixed heritage soon proved an advantage, as he inherited the mutant X gene through his unknown father and the Atlantean prowess from his mother. By early adolescence he could out fight and out swim any member of the guard and natural curiosity brought him into contact with drysiders. He witnessed the very tail end of WWII while following submarines and it was when Hiroshima was decimated that his telepathic abilities arose. The horror and pain that washed through him before the ominous silence made him swear that he would never let his people go to war like the humans did, and so he has always worked toward that goal. When his grandfather died, and his mother soon after, he rose to the throne and declared that Atlantis could not remain unknown in the world theater. To that end he approached the United Nations and sued for membership (the position in the UN is held by his trusted guard Kamit), then consulted with many noted scientists on how to adapt Atlantean technology to protective and barrier purposes. It was on one of these consultations that he met, then tracked, his wife as she had stolen some technology but her mind was a kind thing despite her actions. It was many years after bringing her under the waves before Namor asked her to stand as his queen, but Sue has since given him two children a softer, more thoughtful side to the rulership when he is in a temper.

Gen-x: This group is not a super team unless pressed. They are, in point of fact, a group of misfits that met in a bar and decided to be a band.

Jono Starsmore: This British singer blew his chest and throat out when he manifested in London, an event that also killed his current girlfriend and put him on the run. He made his way to America by hook and by crook, ending up as a backup guitarist in a seedy bar in downtown LA. He had the tendency to grumble telepathically about the lyrics of whoever was performing until eventually a young girl who'd snuck into the bar asked him flat out why the hell he didn't sing himself. That girl was Jubilee, a spunk light show of a girl who was dating a barrio boy with stretchy skin. Since then Gen-X has played in mutant friendly bars with Jono as lead guitar and vocals.

Jubilee: This mall rat of a girl was orphaned at a young age and lived as a silent resident of the local malls until one day there was a robbery she was framed for. This sent her into the streets of L.A. where she eventually ran into a gang called El Subbaro and made herself indispensable as a distraction and thief. She met Angelo at a soup kitchen of all things and a few months of badgering by that deluded soul had her leaving the gang and staying with him. She plays base guitar and provides back up vocals in the band.

Angelo: Angelo is the 'good guy' of the band. He is the oldest of five with hard working parents who wouldn't let any of their children even think about theft like the surrounding neighborhood. He manifested as a mutant in his early high school career, but since he was attending the alternative, night school the faculty just shrugged and carried on. Graduation requirements had him performing community service and there he met his girlfriend Jubilee. She made him reach out and have fun, and when she accosted the grumbly guitarist he opened his big mouth and said he could get a drum set.

X-men: Never officially existed except as Xavier's fever dream. Currently there are several 'students' residing at the mansion, leaning to overcome their demons and Xavier is MIA.

Charles Xavier: Xavier is a monster of a man who delights in manipulation. Seeing just how far he can push people before they break and how well he can use them before they are burned out. The students in his mansion are the second attempt at a 'team' of soldiers following his command, the first proving...unstable. All was going well, he's chosen his broken teenagers carefully, until he underestimated the sheer brutality some of his students could display when threatened. A blood clot was phased into his frontal lobe, causing him to lose his telepathy, and all of his business assets were carefully purchased through shell companies. Currently he has no finances of his own and no home, the dead for the mansion and the guardianship of the children are all in Kit's name. He sought shelter with Reed Richards and currently serves as the Left White Bishop of the Hellfire club.

Logan: Logan, or Wolverine as he is often called, is a hardcore loner. He was brought in as a trainer by Xavier but didn't care for the way things were run. He had little attachment to the children and little patience for the teaching role. He did find a few redeemable, hardened souls in the newest batch though and found himself becoming surprisingly protective toward a few of them. He was the only one Kit spoke to about displacing Xavier and he agreed whole heartedly with her plan. After the fall of that evil, he took to taking long bike rides, seeking his space but always returning, without fail, to the mansion until the day S.H.I.E.L.D. caught and brainwashed him. He ran with that twisted crew for over a year before being freed and now is trying to get his head on straight and his memories sorted. The only people he trusts at the moment are Victor Creed and the Ghost that freed him, and that is a limited trust.

Kit Pryde: Kit is a hard case. She expressed as a mutant at a young age and her parents did not approve to put it lightly. She killed her father and ran away after a year of beatings, her mother then went into a radical arm of the Human's First group. She fell hard, getting into heroine when she hit Chicago, being pulled into a string of whores for two years, then crawling clean through rehab at age fifteen. Xavier found her after her after all that when she'd been trading favors for room and board, recruiting her and giving her access to the learning and technology she craved. He thought she would be easy to control given her history. He was sadly mistaken about the protective nature she harbored. When she realized how badly he was harming the other students she enabled a plan to take over his holdings and his life as it were, displaced him, and now stands as the teenager who plays den mother for the rest as they try to recover. To date she has had her dragon tattoo come to life and self0identify as male, encountered/been brainwashed by The Hand for a time, rescued by Kurt and Logan, semi-adopted an infant from Wanda, and generally done her best not to kill anyone.

Kurt Wagner: Kurt was always a fuzzy mutant with a tail, there was no hiding for him, no safety. His circus troop in Germany was raided when he was small and Kurt was taken into the custody of a black ops group intent on raising perfect killers. They raised, and treated, Kurt as a dog. Obedient, violent on command, and utterly inhuman. Xavier pulled a few strings to have this lovely project put in his care and continued to twist him into a submissive killing machine. Now, with Xavier gone, he tries. He is working hard toward humanity, he attends highschool, Kit doesn't let him have a master, and he is learning. To date he ash learned to fly a jet and repair it, almost been enslaved as Amanda Sefton's familiar, and has managed no lower than a C in all his classes. He is also currently serving as a squire to Sir Nicholas Fury which leaves him a very tired elf at the end of the day.

Jamie Madrox: Jamie comes from a broken home where there was a great deal of abuse. He and his twin brother Jacob often tried to stand between their father and his target, their mother. Until these actions killed Jacob and Jamie manifested. Now Jamie is an agoraphobic split persona. Sometimes he answers to Jamie, sometimes to Jacob, and he rarely ventures outside, instead relying on his clones. Kit insists he attend school whenever able and the boy is receiving counseling with Hank.

Pietro Maximoff: Pietro, alongside his sister, was stolen from his home at a young age. He was raised to believe that his father, Eric, was an abusive man who wanted to find them at all costs (a belief reinforced by Xavier). When the foster family they were living with had Wanda committed, Pietro freed her and together they lived on the streets. He fell into a bad series of drug habits and rarely emerged from the chemical fog unless his sister asked it of him. When they were recruited by Xavier they took it as a free meal ticket and cleaned up enough to attend school. Still, the only person who mattered in Pietro's world was Wanda and when the girl ended up pregnant the boy sacrificed himself to ensure her safety.

Wanda Maximoff: Wanda is certainly the more stable of the two twins. She is a heavy smoker but avoids all other drugs in light of her brother's addictions. She is fond of pain and her brother and she saw nothing wrong with sleeping with him when she wanted. When her powers became erratic their foster parents saw it as a godsend, having the girl committed and removed from her brother. This didn't last long, as Pietro broke her out and they spent their time on the streets and in several half-way houses before Xavier found them. Under Xavier's eye Wanda became pregnant and her brother was killed. In a rage the girl signed over guardianship of her daughter, Isobel, to Kit and left to 'clear her head'. The girl has not been heard of since.

Isobel Maximoff: This little girl is two years old and the main reason Kit has had for straightening out. She spends time with her grandfather, Eric, on Muir, but mostly lives at the mansion per Wanda's request. No mutant powers have expressed as of yet.

Scott Summers: Scott is one of the unfortunate first attempts at an army by Xavier. The boy was adopted from a care facility and raised at the mansion alongside Jean Grey. From the moment he stepped onto the ground Scott was a telepathic patsy. He had no mental shields and never developed any under the tutelage of Xavier. He was a perfectly mediocre puppet up until the bitter end.

Jean Grey: Jean Grey was a telepathic prodigy and perfect to follow in Xavier's footsteps. Her parents died in a car accident not long after Jean manifested and she was folded into Xavier's care almost overnight. She grew into a delightful child, everyone loved her, they had to. Unfortunately her training by Xavier led to a few mental instabilities and she fixated on the story of Romeo and Juliet when her class decided to do a play. The play went through flawlessly under Jean's control, with perfect deaths for herself and Scott.

Rahne Sinclair: Even beyond Kurt, Rahne is an animistic mutant. She has not emerged from her wolf form for several months though Kit keeps trying. Xavier's removal seems to have broken something in the girl that lets her transform at will. Kit is considering having the girl sent to Muir for proper recovery.

Alex Summers: Alex, like Scott, was raised in an orphanage for most of his life until he ran away from home and joined a gang in LA. He learned to steal and to fight on the streets until he was forcibly recruited by Xavier as a heavy hitter. He's having a bit of trouble adjusting to a quieter life, but Bayville is a quiet place and Kit will tear him a new one if she has to post bail.

Rogue: Rogue, unlike many, had a pretty good life. She grew up with her foster mothers, Raven and Irene, and was raised to a life of an operative. She is skilled, she is brave, and more she understands the future to come and that sometimes sacrifices must be made. Her ability os hard to control, and she absorbed Ms. marvel at the behest of her parents lest the woman destroy a good portion of the United States. She 'ran away' to Xavier's to provide support in the background to Kit and lives there yet as Irene says she must to keep Kit from going insane.

Muir Island: This is an island off the Scottish coast surrounded by an intense electromagnetic field. It is impossible to fly into this area, or arrive by boat, without an appointment.

Moira McTaggert: Moira is a brilliant scientist who has a penchant for being able to diagnose mutational issues in X-gene actives and work to fix them. She has an incredibly high success rate as far as allowing poor mutations (such as an inability to breathe Oxygen) to live on. She came to this work through Xavier and his work in the Korean War. He used her ability to help mutants to garner the beginnings of an army among teh patients, Eric Lensher stepped in to stop this formation and rescued Moira from telepathic manipulation. She has barely left Muir since, preferring to have patients come to her for as long as Xavier is free in the greater world.

Eric Lensher: Eric is a broken man, stepping in on Xavier's plans in the 70's caused a life long rivalry where Xavier has shown up time and again to destroy Eric's life. The telepath killed Eric's wife, stole his children and turned them against them, and has since probed the defenses of Muir repeatedly when resources allowed. When he found out that Xavier had been disposed from his own home he rejoiced and immediately opened communications with the Xavier mansion. Since he has been able to spend time with his grandchild, Isobel, as well as aiding other young mutants that visit.

Sean Cassidy: Laird of Cassidy Keep, the man is a good neighbor to Muir and often allows field trips from that place to his castle. He has never left Ireland, instead maintaining his lands and those dependant on him as a matter of course. The villages nearest him have a high mutant population as it is one of the safe areas for mutants to live normal lives.

Thom Cassidy: Thom is the black sheep of the family, he wanted to travel and for a time he fell out of contact entirely, that was until his blood awakened. Like the hills in England, the Irish Fae have always had gatekeepers, men and women sworn to guard the entrances to their domain. Cassidy Keep is an entrance to Underhill and Thom is the gatekeeper. This grants him a responsibility separate from his brothers, playing a combination of detective and diplomat that keeps him vastly entertained.

Theresa Cassidy: Only daughter of Sean Cassidy, this girl has graduated from London University and often provides lab aid at Muir. She is also learning to run her father's estate as his only heir and the is being courted by a fae lord.

Unaffiliated: These are people who are members of no team yet have a role to play.

Penny: This young Australian girl is the third, and last, child of a ranch hand and his wife. She was born with her mutation so the birth itself was rough and raising her was harder still. Yet they all managed, Penny attending the local school and learning ASL. When she was ten her uncle, Gateway, was captured for a time. This allowed outsiders to teleport into Australia without punishment and she was kidnapped by a young woman who was searching for fodder. Penny lived in captivity for eight years, being fed on by the eldest child of the St. Croix family until Ben Grimm came through to 'take care of' the family that was preying on locals. She was freed by the kind man and since has followed, often serving as his liaison with locals (she has a nice smile) and they began dating in the past year.

Mortimer 'Toad' Toynbee: Toad as he prefers to be called is one of many mutants living under the radar. He avoids SHIELD, he sniffs around the edges of society...and oh, yeah, he's a private eye. A pretty good in fact. It started out as a joke, trenches and fedoras are pretty good at disguising green skin, and it gets damn cold in Chicago! But he had a knack for actually solving puzzles as well. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Inq, and two daughters.
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The diner was...well, it was the best diner around. Given that the surrounding area was all blowing desert and scattered motor homes, well, that didn't mean much. It didn't put on airs though. The had a simple, straight forward menu. Meat cooked in various ways, whatever had been baked that day, and ice cream and drinks.

Simple, easy stuff.

Kit had hoped, really, that she'd deciphered the personal ad properly. This place was so out of the way, and so oddly named (Crimson Sunset Eatery) that the clues could only have pointed here and yet...

...she worried. She was good at that.

Still, she got there early, landing the jet a good distance off, cloaking it, and walking in the rest of the way. She was properly dirt dusted and harmless looking when she arrived. The bookbag on her shoulder was battered, but her money was good. A milkshake was melted by her elbow within ten minutes and she was immersed in one of the trickier chapters of her Non-linear physics book.

She had a little time to kill after all, and physics was soothing.
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Bayville High had decided to send students on a week long 'team building and survival training' camping trip. Apparently the fundraiser had fallen short of sending the senior class to London or something so the rest of the school got the funds instead.

Team building and survivalist training. Riiiight, there were some real geniuses at the school. The main concern had been the kids, deliberately placed in a stressful situation, and powers. She knew that the faculty wouldn't hesitate in the least to call out SHIELD if they caught a mutant out in the woods. She was banned from attending though, as she was technically banned from going to the highschool. That meant another 'adult' had been needed for the trip.

Raven had laughed her ass off when Kit called. 'Risty' had transferred into the school the week before the trip. She'd transfer out a week after the camping trip. Sometimes it was good to know a shapeshifter. Hell, Kit was starting to learn it wasn't the moves you knew, but the parents of the children you raised that won most fights.

The really important part of the whole situation though was the fact that Kit was going to have a whole week without the older kids. It was just one stressed out ghost girl and a two year old rattling around in a mansion.

Hell, it was almost like a vacation!

She'd gotten an ad placed with several papers the first day, hoping she could handle the Fury situation by the end of the week. It was Wednesday now and she couldn't believe how quiet it was. Isobel was down for a nap, Kit was doing dishes, and it was just...quiet. She didn't get that a lot. She wasn't sure she liked it.

She had no idea what time it was when something large and snowy winged landed outside the bay windows. Kit had one leg up on the counter, stretching, while she rinsed a dish and...and suddenly there was a winged blond laying a hand on the glass between them.

The most startling thing? The perimeter alarm wasn't going off. Her damn security was NOT reacting.

A charming, sexy smile slipped across the angel's lips and his eyes traced from her shoulder to her leg and along to where she had her foot propped on the counter. "He was right," the man breathed. "perfect ankles."

What. The. Fuck?

Kit blinked, more than a little creeped out by the man, and sometime between when she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the angel was gone. She leaned forward to peer up through the window, checking the sky, but no sign of the winged man. No sign at all.
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If ever there was a face that simply screamed 'Good old American boy' this was it. Kit looked like he was lost rather than on medical leave for extreme PTSD and paranoia. It happened with a lot of Rangers who'd been dropped in Korea, their missions were classified and terrible, they were alone in enemy lands while working, and usually no one pulled them out. A lot of Rangers hadn't come back at all.

Kit didn't look like a Ranger, no matter what his file said. He'd been drafted at eighteen and all of his scars were on the inside, which was probably why he managed to look pleasant and even cheerful while sitting in a pool of sunlight and just...trying not to think at this little clinic.
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It was a slow weekend. In fact, it was...nice. Late August in Westchester had sun pooling like honey on the ground. The fruit trees on part of the property were in season for cherries, plums, and pears...and the smell of them all drifting across the lawn was almost intoxicating. Kit actually enjoyed it, and since the kids were all off visiting Muir, she was taking advantage of the quiet.

She had a blanket spread on the lawn, a mechanics book and lemonade beside her and...was utterly ignoring both. In fact she was just smiling and staring off into space as she undid her braids. She was tired of them, and they were getting too long to redo often.

She missed having her hair down. Hell, maybe it'd been a phase. She was only a teen after all. Even she forgot that sometimes. Lockheed was actually being helpful, unbraiding the ones she couldn't reach easily with his small claws...

Then the phone rang. Of course the phone rang. She'd been an idiot and brought the handset out in case the kids got themselves in trouble with Eric and Moira. "Hello?"

"What do you mean the castle disappeared?"
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Lockheed cracked an eye open and groaned. His eyes felt gummy...and his tail...and his mouth...and was he curled around a bottle? Ohhhh, bottle. The cool glass felt gooooood on his head. He wasn't sure how long he snuggled the thing before he realized the darkness wasn't night time. nope, it was cloth!

Or leather.

His sniffer wasn't doing so well right now.

"Baaaaaaaaaaggggggggg?" he cooed up at the darkness. Oh, wait, that was an engine sound! That was....really not helping with his head. Not at all. A whole bottle whiskey (and something extra Kit had given him to make him sleep longer) and a roaring engine just wasn't good. "Ssssssstop! Sssssstop, needssss air!"


Aug. 4th, 2009 12:16 pm
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Half a day to hike to a truck stop and 'hitch' back into Chicago.

A day with Toad and family (she'd left Isobel there for safe keeping) breaking down and shaking in posts tress nerves. And exhaustion. Oh God the exhaustion.

A short jet trip back and she was back in the mansion before the kids came back from school that day. All told she'd been gone ten days. Casing the helicarrier, wandering in it, taking it down. Ten days to get Logan out.

She'd didn't know if she'd gotten him back. Time would tell on that front...

Ten days of her life well spent.

She settled Isobel in her crib, her naps tended to coincide with the team getting home, then Kurt ported into the room, tail swinging and twitching wildly outside his hologram as he grinned at her. "Katzchen! Allo! Did you hear? Did you see? It is all over the news!"

"Calm down blue, it's been a long ten days alright? Did I hear what? I just got home a little while ago. You guys didn't blow up the gym again did you?" she was playing it out because she knew the whole team had problems with secrets. And being a SHIELD enemy was a damn dangerous secret to have.

"There was no TV in the mountains? Terrorists attacked SHIELD!" he turned off the hologram entirely, then crawled down the wall to turn on the small set in the room. Sure enough, there was an emergency news report. The film was of the recovery team dragging bits and pieces of the fortress out of the lakes.

Some of the pieces were even still smoking and glowing. She really hoped an EPA official saw that. "No, a retreat is just that. You hide away from all the junk and try to relax a little. I walked in the woods a lot." she offered, eyes glued to the screens. There was a red ticker scrolling across the bottom, a list of factions that had stepped forward to claim responsibility. Everything from militant whack jobs in Nebraska, to religious orders outside the states...a lot of claimed responsibility and not a single culprit in the lot.

She liked that.

A lot.

Every moment they spent checking out the wackos, they weren't spending on finding Logan.

"They made us all vhatch in school Katzchen! An assembly, and prayers...but we didn't jump up an party ja?" he was looking to her for...approval. Approval of his restraint. The whole team's restraint...

"That's good. SHIELD will be looking for targets now. Lots of them, any of them that seem too happy. You can party here. Order pizza." she was still watching as the video showed them pulling a human shaped bundle from the wreckage '...and with tremendous loss of life...' the anchor was droning on. She'd have been more convinced of that if they'd shown destroyed escape shuttles instead of bundles that might have been bodies.

"Woo! Pizza!" Kurt bounded off to tell the rest and Kit? Kit tucked Isobel in and went down the hall to better watch the news.
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Lockheed's tail twitched as he watched Logan go off into the bar. 'Stay here' the man had said 'No lizards allowed' he'd said. Just because the feral man was bigger didn't mean that Lockheed had to listen now did it? It'd serve the man right if the 'lizard' stopped looking after him! And stopped looking after the motorcycle. It wasn't going anywhere without the keys...

...keys which Lockheed had snagged. He chortled to himself and slipped down off the bike, keys in one claw as he began to poke around. There was probably another door into the bar...

Along the side? It was a pretty clean alley, all things considered. Fewer things to climb over was best (he didn't like the weird downdrafts so he wasn't going to risk flying in there), though those...those had definitely been legs. Lockheed paused, perched on several layers of clothing over a knee to peer into the shadows where a head should be. He wasn't discounting the possibility opf a headless person, but...

"Ooooweee. Lookit you! Damn, musta been some good tequila this morning! You're purple. Man, that's're a purple dragon thingy. Gee I hope you ain't a rat..."

Lockheed huffed, smoke curling from his nostrils as the man kept rambling. Oh was a broken human. One of Isobel's toys had done the noise-nonsense words thing. Kit had hit a reset button! This guy had to have one somewhere...

"Ohhh, hey, that's my pocket. You rollin me little dragon thing? Shit, all I got's...ummm...dunno. Heyyyy, my deck of cards..."

'Heed paused, startled as the man reached down to pluck the pack from his talons.

"Heyyyy, you got you some keys! Tell you what. I know you're in my head an shit but...I'll play you for them? Betcha somethin in my pocket each round of poker okay?"

He knew that game. Kit had taught him a while back. It helped pass the time when neither of them could sleep! "Pokerrrr." he hissed, agreeing.

"And you talk. Well..alright then. Um, I'll deal..."

By the third hand Lockheed had a nice cigar like the ones Logan wouldn't give him. By the fifth hand they had another player as the dishboy came out for his break. By the twelfth hand he was really wondering if his winning would fit in the motorcycle bags. Well, if they didn't...he still had a cigar.

Tasty cigar.
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Kit glanced at the pile of letters and then casually tossed them in a courier's bag on her shoulder. She was making the rounds of her P.O Boxes. They were decoy addresses for anyone curious about the mansion's spending, or the students. She never really expected to get anything good from them, but they did serve their purpose.

Last week she'd gotten some good coupons. Kurt really did go through pizza.

This week she didn't expect anything beyond bills and a few advertisements. Maybe a notification about little Isobel's next round of shots...

Maybe that was why the letter she received was so much of a shock when she got home. It was a heavy envelope, and some colorful pasteboard tickets were folded into the letter, but oh, the contents of it were poison.

Like heroin.

So very...very...deadly...


Did you think I wouldn't find a trace of you? You made me curious when you breezed back into my life. A P.O Box dear? How very paranoid of you...

...or do you move around too much even now? No matter, New York is still a lovely place. Slightly warmer than our lovely Chicago. I wish I could say this letter was merely for pleasantries, but sadly, it's not. You see, I find myself traveling to your city soon, and it is so rude to sample the wares of a competitor.

I'll need a companion for an evening of pleasantries and a ballet, surely you can find it in your heart to oblige me? Given that you've 'given up the trade life' you'll pose no threat on my arm.

We'll start outside the Ritz hotel at six p.m. sharp on February fourteenth. I do know it's cliche, but business is business. Dress to impress; we both know you can.

Forever yours

The tickets were for 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' and as much as she loved dance, just seeing the pair, the assumption, made her sick. She didn't want to go. She didn't trust herself with him, just like she didn't trust herself in Chicago...

...but if she didn't he'd start really looking. He'd find the mansion, and he wouldn't hesitate to taint everything within it as long as he got what he wanted. Logan hadn't been back long, and there were the students and little Isobel...had she any right to risk their safety?


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

She'd been cutting back on smoking since the baby came to live with them, but tonight she needed that pack. And the bottle of scotch. And the quiet solitude of a night out on the dock. She'd...figure things out in the morning.
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Kit had taken a motorcycle up to the woods around the target. In the saddle bags were some of Logan's clothes, his wallet stuffed full of small cash and replacement credit cards, and one little drugged dragon curled around a whiskey bottle. He'd be asleep for days...which was good, it might take her that long to get through this. She'd spied on the giant fortress, always phased in case of detection, since Toad pinpointed it. She couldn't get into it the thing conventionally. Air walking was iffy for her, and tiring...and considering that she'd need to stay phased every moment she'd be really damn tired...

Well, there were giant turbines helping to keep the place afloat, and that created too much downdraft even if she could get close. So she had a different plan. That was why she was standing on the edge of Lake Superior as the morning mist swirled cold and dark through the air.

She was hitching a ride on the weekly supply transport. Phased into a crate of oranges.

Once they landed she slipped under the floor then through the walls. No use getting security suspicious. She could survive just fine passing through walls the entire time she was least until she got to the security complex and phased through a few power grids. With the cameras on the fritz now, things would be easier. And even if anyone did catch sight of her? Well, she had never thrown away her Crimson Butterfly gear. Head to toe ninja get-up led to some pretty wild stories.

The fortress was huge though. It took her a solid day to figure out the layout. Two to ghost through the walls until she found Logan's room...

...and when she got there he was occupied.

Very occupied.

Great, he'd left them to screw Miss...SHIELD of the year? Whose blood was that? It didn't look like the red-heads. Oddly, the scene made her angry. So. Damn. Angry.

She didn't even realize she'd phased down a few floors until a steam vent whistled in her face. This was...creepy. All metal and flashing lights. And..that was a face. She screamed as the steam cleared to reveal a pale, floating face. Literally floating. There was a man sitting in a vat of sparkling liquid. There were wires and diodes running from his head and spine to a great machine behind him. She was willing to bet the man was a mutant on closer, less frightened inspection.

And the machine...

...the machine...

" twisted fucks." Kit whispered, feeling the great turbine pulsing and pounding under her hand. The fortress was mutant powered. She was sure of it. And it looked like it hurt...if the man's frozen grimace was anything to go by.

She had to get Logan out. Even if he didn't want to go.

She made her way back up to his room, still unnerved by what she'd seen...and his room was empty now. A mission perhaps? It didn't matter. She paced through the room, a ghost from the past sneering at the present...then unphased long enough to peel her glove off and press her palm to his wall. Just long enough to leave a scent.

A calling card.

Just enough to let him know she was here and she knew where to find him. She had a few other things to see, ways to kill time until he returned. One of which was checking out that damn red head.


Jul. 1st, 2009 10:26 pm
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Kit stood in the hangar, watching as Kurt brought the jet in for a landing. It was a rocky landing, but it still got the job done; not bad for a first try. She really wished she had a cigarette in her hands, but she'd been cutting back so that by the time there was a baby in the mansion it wouldn't be an unhealthy environment.

Well, any more unhealthy than it was. She'd been from Chicago for a few weeks now, spending her time rattling around in the big, empty house as she got herself emotionally stable again. Stable enough for handling the kids getting back from Muir anyway. There seemed to be a lot of the 'enough' going around. she'd have to work on that.

The first one off the jet was Lockheed, and he was not happy to have been away from Kit for so long. He flew at her hard enough to knock the breath from her as he hit her chest, then he was clinging like he wanted to become part of her skin again. Was alternating between worried coos and heated, angry muttering. When he slowed down she might be able to distinguish individual words in the scolding? All she could do was pet him for now, reassure him that the emotional fluxes he'd felt hadn't...

...broken her...

Kurt was little better, 'porting out of the pilot's seat to hug her, then crouching against her legs with his tail wrapped firmly around her waist. Well, at least she'd been missed? She'd kind of vaguely hoped that the time away might have made him a little less dependent dice it seemed. Sometimes it terrified her just how easy it would be to take advantage of the little elf. Just one slip and he'd always look to her but, god, that made her sick. Maybe, after she'd dealt with Logan, she'd do a little more digging into Kurt's history. Track down the people who'd had him...make sure they couldn't ever break anyone like that again.

The Jamies came next, carrying luggage, then the still pale, obviously unhealthy Wanda carrying the far healthier, and happier Isobel. Seeing the baby was like feeling the fresh air after months of being locked away. Just something good, and clean after all the miasma that life had become. "It'll be alright" she found herself saying, to 'Heed and Kurt, to Wanda and her little bundle. "It'll be alright."

Because, suddenly, she thought it might.

Even when Wanda had a melt down and nearly pitched the kid out the window, Kit had a little hope.

And a kid she kept an eye on. Kurt was good with the baby too, and the Jamies loved the little mite. Even Rogue thought she was adorable. Isobel was easy to love. The Wanda started picking fights with all the 'baby sitters'. And weekly, with Kit herself. They managed somehow. And Kit literally dragged Wanda to a psych in town.

Post Natal Depression. A few pills, if the witch would take them, and it might not be so bad.

The fights continued anyway. A little less intensely, but they continued.

Then Mort called her. Five months into the search and he had a lead, finally. That was the problem with 'under the radar' searches. They took time. That night she slipped away to hide in the shadows of the nearest bar. The bartender knew her, and he didn't mind that sometimes she literally faded into the shadows, and that sometimes there was a little dragon drinking from her glass instead. He kept the whiskey coming and even offered to get her home. He'd never seen her there without Logan, and while it'd been nice to not have a fight in the bar tonight it was still...weird...

She got herself home.

Several more months went by with Wanda's moods growing worse by the day. Kit didn't trust her alone with Isobel anymore, so Lockheed was the infant's constant companion.

Then Mortimer called and asked her to come to Wisconsin. He had news that Logan might put in an appearance there and they'd need to be in place to see the show. Kit brought Isobel with her, making a stop off in Chicago to have Inq babysit. Then it was off to see Toad.

And Logan.

On SHIELDS leash.

Oh fucking hell.

When next Wanda tried to start a fight with her, kitty phased a knife into the bitch's throat and stared her down. She didn't have time, or energy, to spare for the girl's stupidity. That gained weeks of good behavior, which was good. Kit had to plan...

...and see him in action a few more times. Mortimer would get her the info she needed for a strike.


Jun. 30th, 2009 06:27 am
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Kit's arm's were shaking by the time she mopped the damp towel across her lips. She was an idiot. A royal idiot...she'd deserved every minute of screaming nausea, she really did. Didn't mean she wasn't hoping it was over of course. Pale and shaking was never a good impression...

Of course that was when the knock on the door came. Kit draped the towel across her shoulders, almost whimpering as the cold cloth hit her tense neck muscles, then peeked through the spy hole in the door. Toad, in his gumshoe glory. He really loved the detective trench and hat...helped hide the obvious mutations a bit when in public. Damn if he wasn't prompt...

With a sigh she opened the door, then leaned on it as shock, then surprise, chased across her old friend's face. It only lasted a moment though, then it was worry as he took in her condition and shooed her back into the room "Damn, we thought you were dead, Kit."

She couldn't help the slow, twisted grin that crept across her face "Well, hard to get rid of ghosts, Mort. Good to see you, it's been...two years?"

Toad gently thumped her chest until Kit sat down on the bed, it was just creepy to see her swaying like that. "Yes, two and some change girl. And you...look like hell. You better not be using again or Inq will kill you. And me for not finding you. And then both of us all over know we named a kid after you right?"

Kit blinked, more shocked by that, right now, than by almost anything else today "...what? You...had another kid?"

"Yep" Toad beamed proudly, his chest puffing slightly with the paternal joy "A little girl, almost year old now. Named her Kit Hope."

" and your wife are fucking crazy." Kit pointed out with amusement.

"Yep! Speaking of which..." Toad sobered and fixed a glare on the errant teen before him "Why did I get a call from Dean's flunkies instead of you?"

"...because I'm an idiot, I'm tired, and I'm an idiot. Take your pick." she tucked her feet up under herself and leaned against the headboard, really not joking about that tired bit.

"Right. Okay. So, why do you need me?" sometimes with Kit it was best to cut to chase.

"I'm looking for someone."

Toad looked her over, sighed, and flipped the blankets up around her before he settled in on the floor. "Fill me in."
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Victor snagged his coat and stormed down the halls of the heli-fortress. He'd never tell anyone, but he really hated living up in the air. Having his feet off the ground made him edgy all the time...

Misery had come by to 'see' him before leaving for the SHIELD summit. They were held once a year, all the leaders and their team captains had to attend. Two weeks alone, from Thanksgiving to mid-December. And she always made sure that he knew what he'd be missing. Damn, it been years now and he still shook with need every time she touched him.

So here it was, down time again, and he'd be alone...

...well, mostly alone. "Yo, Runt!" he snarled when he made it to the team housing hall. "Wakey wakey, I need a buddy else I don't get to leave!"
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He didn't answer his cell in August. That was alright; just like everyone else in the mansion he was free to go his own way. She figured he'd pitched the phone this time around. She didn't blame him considering what happened last time...
Long ago I was a woman in pain
Wanda had a false alarm in September. She thought her water had broken and them mansion in general panicked. Kurt actually fainted from over-teleporting as he gathered all the necessary materials from her room and tucked them in the van. All that worry and the hospital had assured them it was fine, nothing had happened. It was worth the smile, but it made Kit a little twitchy to realize the baby was coming.
A woman in need
The baby was coming soon.
I ran to you
He'd said he'd be back in time for the baby. She didn't think he wanted to be there for Wanda's sake...a part of her kind of hoped he wanted to be there for hers. But here it was, September, the start of a new school year for most of the residents, and she was still toughing it alone. He didn't answer his phone that night either.
Long ago I did not understand
Then Pietro died. They hadn't seen it coming. He and Wanda had been out at the mall of all places, shopping for baby clothes. A truck jumped the curb and went at the mother-to-be. Pietro took the hit in her stead. Kit sat up with the rest of the children all night as the heart monitor in the ICU slowly stopped beeping. She broke down in the Danger Room before she actually managed to call...and he didn't answer.
You were making me bleed
Something was wrong.
I ran to you
Something was wrong and she couldn't leave. Wanda needed her too much. The mutant witch was treading a very fine line between insanity and suicidal depression as the days past the funeral slipped by. She was dragging everyone else in the mansion down with her too. The Elf crept instead of walking, the Jamies stayed in their room as much as possible, Rogue went to go stay at Raven's for awhile...
When I feel the cold in the dark
...and Kit took care of Wanda. She tried so very hard not to be bitter but...Wanda was older than her! And sometimes...sometimes it would have been nice to lean on someone besides Lockheed.
I know what you can do
She started searching about a week after Pietro's death. Just trawling news sites looking for anything that might be related to Logan. Internet searches...she didn't find anything. That meant one of two things: either he'd gone underground for some reason, of his enemies had caught up to him.
I will crawl through my past
The second idea scared her too much to think about, so she hoped it was the first. She didn't dare start looking through the government channels in case she led them right to him...
Over stones blood and glass
Somehow she talked Wanda into having the birth at Muir. Even she wasn't sure how she'd gotten the witch to agree, but the whole mansion crew loaded up for the flight the moment Wanda's water broke. If the past several weeks had been stressful, a jet flight with a depressed woman in labor was hell on earth. To her credit, Kit didn't kill anyone.
In the ruins
She was the first to hold the newborn baby girl. Isobel was her name...and Kit couldn't help but adore her. She was perfect. All healthy flushed skin and little tiny fingers and toes..even Lockheed was entranced, cooing at her from Kit's shoulder. The smile felt...good. She hadn't smiled since Logan left really, and if anything in this world was worth smiling over, well, a baby certainly was it. She'd never thought about kids herself; her life had been too screwed up, too...unhealthy, but holding Isobel made her just a little bit wistful. Maybe she could be Aunt Kit.
Reaching under the fence
She needed the people at the mansion to stay safe for a little while. Logan's disappearing act was really starting to get to her, and she couldn't go out looking if she had to babysit. Luckily, Wanda had taken the birth hard. She needed to stay with qualified doctors for awhile. It was easy to talk the Jamie's into staying, and Kurt well...
As I try to make sense
...Kurt followed orders. He didn't understand why she wasn't going to take backup with her, but he was willing to guard Isobel and the rest.
In the ruins
She got back to the mansion in late October and...didn't know where to start. All of her vaunted computer skills, all of her contacts were...loud. They left a mark. That was the last thing she needed if Logan was hiding. She was too damn tired to think straight, that was her only excuse for coming to the conclusion she did.
Night after night; I am carving it out
She needed an underground information source.
I will carry it down to the waterside
Of course, she knew one. The problem was...getting to him. Or more accurately, making herself go to him. Just thinking his name made her shiver convulsively in the empty mansion. The Devil was far less terrifying.
Night after night; I am hearing the sound
The first of November saw her in Chicago. Hell by any other name...
Of wings that come beating
The wind cut through the sheer fabric of her body stocking as if it were nonexistent. She'd snagged it from Rogue's closet. The man she was visiting expected a certain appearance, and women only got in the door one way.
I will not hide
The foyer was just as she remembered it. The men lounging and eying those coming in, leering when the could get away with it. The bodyguard remembered her, his large hands testing every inch of her to make sure she was unarmed. Oh yes, he remembered her...and she remembered him. She gave him a smile and didn't break his fingers. She could do that on the way out, after she had what she came for. With one last painful squeeze to her breasts he opened the door "He missed his little kitty". She didn't believe it for a moment. He'd left her to die of an overdose.
When I feel the cold in the dark
Left her to die way back she'd been fourteen and he'd been her pimp. The room was just as she remembered it, and she flowed in, rolling her hips in that lazy, sensual way that he expected.
I will know why
"Hello Daddy Dean"
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Kit clicked the TV off and glanced out the window. It was a bright sunny day in upstate New York, far too nice a day to be rewatching news broadcasts on the Tennessee attack. Rolled off the tongue, that. Tennesseeeeee attaaaaaaaack. Of course there had been no mention in this segment as to why the group had been attacked. Or what they were attacked by. It was all nicely vague for now.

Word was spreading in some of the late night shows though, about confined mutants losing it, about hate mongering...some of the townsfolk were honest enough to tell the truth. Kit almost liked them. What worried was that some of the channels had actual footage of the crime scene. Before it was cleaned up.

It'd been bothering her for weeks though, and so far nothing had come of it.

Maybe it was time for a break. The kids were in town today, Kurt and Jamie escorting Wanda to her prenatal appointment (and probably hitting the mall on the way home). That left the grounds and the pool free for her use. That was a pleasant thought, and she could feel Lockheed already floating in the cool water.

She just...didn't swim around the rest. The scars bothered them. And them being bothered bothered Kit so...

Yeah, she could go swimming today.

Noon had her at the pool, her coffee mug on the concrete by the deep end and a simple black bikini on as she did laps.

Loose ends

Jun. 23rd, 2009 04:14 am
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"There seems to be a problem, Mrs. Pryde..." the soft voice drawled in the quiet intensive care unit. "There's no record for previous residence within the last five years. No bank accounts in your name, and no steady job. In short, Mrs. Pryde, you cannot afford the treatment you require."

The form on the bed hardly shifted. It had been a woman, once, before acid burns had caused the removal of both arms and severely damaged her face. Those were the worst injuries. There were lesser burns across most of the woman's upper torso. It was amazing she'd lived at all.

"You've obviously been underground, or nomadic as you would...tell me, who were you hiding from?" there was the barest hint of a smile in the voice now, a grim good cheer that the hospital atmosphere couldn't drown. "Me? I'd be flattered if I truly thought you cared." Kit shifted slightly in the shadows, the privacy curtain floating easily through her phased form as she eyed her mother.

The injured older woman shifted as well, moaning softly in fear as she saw her daughter, a living ghost in the world. "...mmmmmnnnnnno!"

"Shhh, shhhh, no need to get excited. What, did you think I'd come all the way here to hurt you?" Kit laughed again. Of course, she'd traveled here to follow up on Logan's work the day before. Check for survivors...and maybe kill her mother if it was necessary. "This war isn't even started yet...but I think it has enough martyrs don't you?" she wouldn't give her mother that power. Never again.


"Yes mother, it's me. I had to come." her face was cold, withdrawn, but her voice leaked all the 'good daughter' warmth it should. "It's my job to take care of you. Your bills are covered of course, through an anonymous, untraceable donor." because Kit wasn't kind. She wasn't kind at all.

"...don...don't..." Mrs. Pryde tried to sit up further, to rant, to scream...

Kit's eyes traced over the machinery keeping her mother alive and smiled "Don't put myself out? Of course not. I assure you, you are going to have the best of care. There's one doctor, one doctor, in the world that can make you functional again I hear." she lifted a finger to her chin, trying to remember the name.


"Oh, yes, I remember now. A Dr. Hank McCoy. A genius in the medical field. Regenerative research is a specialty of his." Kit buffed her nails on her shirt, proud.


"Oh, yes, there is that little 'public mutant' fact isn't there? Well, he is the only one who can fix you mother. I've already gotten your case to him. Don't you worry any about the bills now you hear?" she twitched the blanket straight across Mrs. Pryde's feet, then turned to leave, her time almost up.

"! NO!"

"Ah, of course..." Kit half-turned, her smile sheer poison now "If you can't bear the shame of a mutant's touch, and the punishment God saw fit to serve you, well, you always know where to find the knives don't you?" there it was, the same choice her mother had given her every night her father had beaten her. Her mother had given her a knife and Kit's wrists still showed the marks of attempted redemption, or freedom. "Good bye mother."

Kit ghosted out of the guarded ICU by slipping down three levels of broom closets, hospital layouts followed patterns that made it easy. Then she walked out of the children's ward with the rest of the volunteers as technicians ran through the halls trying to understand why the security cameras throughout the building were showing snow.

Her mother had been the last stop on her little damage control tour. It was time to head home and see what the rest of the fallout would be...
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Kit was always a hard one to read. The girl only let anger show, and he was sure that there was more than that going on. There had to be, if Kit'd been looking for this guy as long as she said she had. But no, Kit just sat on her tree branch, binoculars to her eyes as she watched the field below.

Toad sighed and shifted his footing, pine bark sticking in annoying patches to his feet. Pines always flaked..."That him?" he asked, a bit unnecessary, but confirmation was important.

"That's him alright."

"SHIELDS got him then. You want to call it quits?" he asked soberly. After all, this wasn't the first person he'd tracked down then had to back away from. SHIELD wasn't a group to screw with. Especially the pet projects, and this Logan guy looked like a real 'company' winner.

He didn't like the way her face went cold and thoughtful. He just knew she was going to do the dumb thing. "Follow their carrier, Mort." she sighed. "I want to know where their usual berth is and how often they shift positions."

"Yo, Kit, call me Toad. It's a good name for me alright?" he always found it a bit embarrassing that she remembered his real name from one drunken confession years ago. Kit got real stuck up on names. "Anyway, chasing a helifortress is going to cost you. You get the friends discount thing but..."

"But..." Kit cut in, almost smiling. She hadn't smiled much since she'd called him in on this job. "'s a big risk for a family man. I know. Screw the money, Mort, I'll go you one better." she promised.

Toad blinked and climbed to a higher branch so he could look her over better "One better, Kit? We're talking a price tag that will get me and mine smuggled to some place safer..."

"No where is safe" Kit pointed out grimly. "And you'd be out of territory you know if you guys left. I can hide you and yours."

"Bullshit. I am not walking my family into the damn mansion you're holding. You told me about Xavier, and if he's gunning for you..."

Kit held up her hand to stop his building tirade "Devices, Mort. I have devices. Hologram emitters. A little tinkering and I can slot in a passive psy-block and an x-gene scan block. It won't save you from an actual telepathic attack, but just a mental scan like that damn Cerebro Xavier built? You'll look like a norm. Same with the gene scan. Won't save you from a blood test, but the SHIELD mutant sniffers will walk right by you."

He couldn't help it, he just stared for a few minutes, letting that sink in. "Shit girl, you can do that?"

"I was left with some interesting tech when Xavier...left." her smile turned predatory as she savored that last bit "He had the emitters already. The psy-blockers are a joint project between Muir and a few brains like mine over here. No reason I can't fit that tech into the hologram watches. The gene block? That's purely a Forge Underground plan, but a few favors and he'll probably let me, especially if I can show him how to mass produce the whole get up so he can feed them out to others in hiding."

Toad licked his lips slowly as he thought over the implications...but..."You've been thinking about this." he stated, glancing away back towards the SHIELD operation. "You knew it'd get rough, but that...that's a hell of a lot more than any three jobs are worth. This charity, Kit?"

Kit reached out to phase a finger through his ear; it tickled like hell. "No. It's that dangerous."

He whistled softly and waved at her target "Who the hell is he then? He looks like he's enjoying himself right where he is, no offense. There are safer people to...hell if I know what you want him for but hey, you get the point."

"He's one of mine, Mort." she stated, soft and deadly. "That means I don't stop until I get him out, get him clear, and get him home. He tells me to take a hike after that and goes back? Fine, but he's mine and I don't let people go unless they tell me to."

"Might be a smart time to start, Kit. He's not some lost kid like the group you got. He looks plenty old enough to take care of himself...walk away." he could be the voice of reason sometimes!

"No. Almost a year, Mort. They've had him almost a year and it took me too damn long to find him...and yes, he's not a kid, he's not someone who depends on me...but he dragged me out of hell once. I trust him to do it again if it needs to be done...and I'm damn well going to be there for him when he needs me."

"You got some messed up friendships, Kit" Toad grumbled, then froze as the SHIELD drop ship came to pick up Logan. The both stayed silent and still as ghosts until the engines couldn't be heard anymore. "Some real messed up friendships. He better be worth it."

"Only kind that put up with me...messed up ones I mean." Kit admitted, slipping off her branch. "And yes, he is."

She said it so simply and softly that he almost missed it. He had good ears though, came with the job. " soft on him, Kit?" he asked suspiciously.

She shot him a cold look "You go soft you get dead."

"Just checkin, just checkin..." he slapped her shoulder, leaving a sticky spot full of pine bark, then shoved his hands deep in his pockets. "I'll call you when I got your info, girl. You better come through with my payment."

"I'm good for it, Mort." She promised simply, heading in the opposite direction from him. She had...things to do now that she had confirmation of Logan's location.

A lot of things to do.
pryde_and_grit: (Misery hard edged)
Irreverently, the only thing she could think of at the moment was that it was a good thing her boys had their own quarters and shower facilities. The boys above wouldn't have been happy with the damage being done were it a public shower. Misery, on the other hand, was incredibly amused.

One of her older cadre and a new recruit were throwing each other through the shower stalls. Victor always had a jealous streak, and Kyle, well, his infatuation was a bit hard to hide. Put together and it was an incredibly good show. If you liked blood at any rate. She was sitting on the bench by the nearest shower, feet kicking in casual delight as she watched...

...and Kyle wasn't doing as well as he could have. Poor boy just wasn't in Victor's league. Very few were. That was why the feral mutant had been a favorite of hers for some time, despite his jealous turns. There was a wet snap and a triumphant growl...and that was her cue!

She slipped to her feet and minced carefully through the stall debris to nudge Wild Child with her foot. He stirred limply, barely breathing, and certainly bleeding far more internally than externally. She loved that flaccid, bone broken look. The fear in a person's eyes when they were too injured to move and even they realized death was close "Oh his back, Victor. You are a vicious thing." she laughed. A broken back was nothing, really, not with Kyle's fortitude and the healers SHIELD had. Provided he got immediate attention.

That would spoil the fun though. The boy would either live long enough for Misery's convenience or die. It really made no difference to her because right now Victor was far more distracting. Still just past that edge of control and blood lust, he couldn't form coherent thoughts, much less words as he buried his face in her hair. Such rage entangled with desire made her shiver; that coupled with the sheer hopeless despair from Kyle as her lover pressed her against the wall made her laugh and writhe.

It was later, much later, as she showered and stretched out the newest claw marks from Victor that she nibbled her lip. With Kyle down and losing a few others on a mission earlier, her particular death squad was undermanned. She would have to keep an eye out for new recruits...

...orrrrr the boys upstairs could page her as she was drying her hair. She did so love when they made things easy for her! They'd brought someone in. Someone suited for her team. 'Captured' team members were always so much more entertaining than recruits. True, they took a special touch, and near constant attention at first but the quality was so much higher!

With an excited grin she tousled her hair and slipped on a robe. Then she was running eagerly to the landing bay. Her recruit didn't know it yet...but she was going to be his world.
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